Maldrok Baelish

Tiefling Rogue


A Tiefling rogue of a different than usual type. Instead of looking like a demon or devil, he is slightly more catlike than the standard Tiefling. His features softer, and in place of horns a set of cat like ears, accompanied by a cats tail that is prehensile. These traits often favorable to him as instead of being associated with tieflings who are often regarded poorly he is lumped in with the less scrutinized catfolk. With striking bright orchid colored eyes and a silver tongue he seems as comfortable in the spotlight as he does lurking in the shadows.


Maldrok “Mal” Baelish is a Tiefling rogue that has been involved in the river kingdoms world of banditry for some time now and has been involved in a couple of bandit bands. However, things were never…looking up for him. Stuck in a rut unable to advance in his current endeavors he did what any self respecting rogue would do, work out a reward and plan for the escape of a high profile kidnapped target and poison the entire band, slowly watching them die over the course of days. Return the kidnapped target to his family for the reward and then kill them making it look like a suicide to tie up loose ends. Again, what any self respecting rogue would do. Things being rather hot after a staged suicide he decided to take his chances on the open road once again, this time under the official employ of the state as an explorer of an unclaimed section of the riverlands.

Maldrok Baelish

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